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  Tree plantation in Gulshan Iqbal started.  
  Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar said that biggest mafias are in Karachi which include garbage mafia, electric mafia, land mafia who are destroying Karachi. In past districts made to break Karachi in pieces so MQM not get vote. Peoples party did Karachi in poor state, in Lahore you can make mayor with direct vote but how is possible in Karachi as you need to make 6 mayors here. In last ten years such works are done in Karachi which are black chapters in history. Large tree plantaion started in Karachi 25 thousand trees will be planted. He said this while address a program on the tree plantation starting in Gulshan Iqbal block 13 D on Monday. Chairman of Dmc east Moeed Anwer, vice chairman abdul rauf, Khalil Ahmed Nenitalwala, uc21 chairman, Sabheen ghori chairperson media management committee parks committee chairman Khurram farhan and other elected representatives were also present in the program. Mayro Karachi said that trees will be plant in block 1 2 5 and 13D in Gulshan. \ Khalil Ahmed nenitalwala said his KN Academy will also protect and water these trees and also give tree guardes. He said he will support mayor Karachi. Mayro Karachi planted a tree to start the campaign in the Gulshan Iqbal. He said we need plant as more and trees in the city as we can so that we can make the city green and beautiful to make it a better city. He said environmental pollution has to be deal with tree plantation, the city was facing shortage of trees and greenery therefore it needs lot of tree plantation so that environmental pollution could be eliminated and citizens provided better environment. Tree plantation and beautification of central islands and surrounding area of major roads and corridors and all other places is required .  






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