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  Metropolitan Commissioner issue directives for prevention of Congo virus.  
  Metropolitan Commissioner, KMC has directed the veterinary and the health and medical services department of KMC to ensure awareness to citizens on the prevention of Congo virus on the eve of Eid-ul-Azha when sacrificial animals. Fumigation should be performed in the cattle markets to save the people from germs. He said the media also has this responsibility to spread this message to maximum number of people. He said that citizens should cover your face and hand during their visit to cattle markets and wear Light color Cloths with full sleeves, so that any Tick can be seen easily & check clothing’s and skin carefully for ticks. He said gloves should be worn while inspection & Slaughtering the animals. Try to limit the contact with Animals as much possible. Use insect repellents to save yourself your animal and from Ticks (Chichar). He said citizens should also avoid eating & drinking during visit to cattle market or carry boiled Filtered Water for Drinking, never squeeze any Tick with bare hands as its infected blood can cause Congo virus. He said butcher should use gloves during Slaughtering animals, as Sacrificial Animal being some time imported from endemic areas. Wash your hands after having come in contact with animal and its blood and proper & ventilated sites should be allocated for animals in house and where combined Slaughtering. (Ijtamai Qurbani). The Water for the use of animals should be stored properly and kept covered after use. Dispose properly the blood and remnants of animals.  






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