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  City Council elects candidates for 27 committees.  
  City Council Karachi meeting was held in the Council Hall of KMC Building on Monday morning which was chaired by the Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar and also attended by Deputy Mayor Karachi Dr. Arshad Abdullah Vohra and Municipal Commissioner Hanif Mohammad Mirchiwala. The Meeting declared all candidates of 27 Council Committees as successful unopposed. The meeting also approved a resolutionby which Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar was nominated as chairman of the Coordination Committee of the Council under rules 28(5) of the Sindh Councils(Conduct of Business)Rules 2016. Mayor Karachi on this occasion congratulated all the successful members of the city council in the election for council committees. He said we are all united for solving city issues and would jointly work them. The city council’s parliamentary leader Aslam Afridi also congratulated successful candidates of the council committees and expressed his resolve that all parliamentary leaders would sit together for solving the problems of city. The council also offered fateha for martyrs of Sehwan tragedy and for the husband of former Naib City Nazim Ms Nasreen Jalil and also prayed for early recovery of injured of Sehwan incident. Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar said he want that the council committees should be made functional as soon as possible and in this connection he will also met with the parliamentary leaders of the council. The 27 city council committees for which the city council members who submitted their papers as candidate and were declared successful unopposed include the Administrative affairs Committee(7members), Finance Committee(7members), Legal Affairs Committee(7members), Media Management Committee(13members), Parks Committee(15members), Veterinary Committee(14members), Land Committee(7members), Katchi Abadies Committee(7members), Estate Committee(7members), Charged parking Committee(7members), Municipal Utility Charges Committee(7members), Sports & Culture Committee(15members), Recreation Committee(15members), Medical Committee(13members), Mother & Child health Committee(13members), Investment Promotion Committee(13members), Fire Brigade & Civil Defense Committee(13members), Health Committee(13members), Works Committee(Civil) (13members), Works Committee(E&M) (13members), Naming Committee(15members), Coordination Committee(15members), Ethics(Code of Conduct) Committee(13members), Planning & Development Committee(7members), Education Coordination Committee(13members), Foreign Affairs Committee(13members) and Business Relations Committee(13members).  
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