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  International Mayor’s Forum.  
  Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar said the unprecedented urbanization of human populations around the world presented one of the most profound challenges of the 21st century. Sustainable Karachi would function as a space for enabling research, dialogue and collaborative mobilization for promoting urban sustainability in Karachi city. Concept of futuristic and sustainable cities is provided by the ‘smart’ green city vision. He expressed these views while speaking in the 3 day International Mayor’s Forum held in Vientiane- the capital of Lao Peoples Democratic Republic. The subject of the forum was Intergovernmental regional environmentally sustainable transport(EST) in Asia. Participants from various Asian countries including Japan, Philippine, Bangladesh, Nepal and Lao attended the forum held from 14-16 March 2017. Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar said sustainable cities movement regaining to emerge in a host of cities around the world, ranging from social and environmentally sensitive actions by groups of citizens to implementing sustainable public policies to embracing comprehensive approach to sustainability that brings the macro economic, social and environmental pieces together within a comprehensive systems approach to the city making it more resilient and livable. Mayor Karachi said in order to ensure sustainable development in mega cities we need specific research for assessing needs and priority areas. He said taking on board the stakeholders and bringing together a net work of relevant national, regional and international individuals and organizations would prove helpful for sharing experiences and adapting best practices and building capacities. “This model can be used effectively for overcoming the issue of traffic accidents and violation of road safety rules’, he added. Mayor Karachi said we also need to ensure the participation of our youth especially students and the civil society in such a campaign that would bring sustainability in the uplift works and development schemes made for the city. He expressed hope that the working out strategy for implementation of sustainable development goal-11(SGD) would prove a good initiative for solving mega city problems and city administrators would be able to perform development works in the fields of infrastructure development, urbanization management and city transport plans.  
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