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  Mayor Karachi announce going court for Karachi rights.  
  Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar during a packed two hours long press conference in KMC Building on Friday said after his all endeavors to get assistance from the provincial and federal government for betterment in Karachi proved fruitless, he has decided not to make any further request to provincial and federal government for providing resources for development works in Karachi and now he will go to the Supreme Court as local bodies election were held on its orders. “I am not alone in it because even the chairmen and vice chairmen of PPP from interior Sindh have contacted me and told their plight due to not having powers and also their willingness to join me in my pursuing the court for getting the rights of local bodies. Deputy Mayor Dr Arshad Abdullah Vohra, Chairman DMC Central Rehan Hashmi, Vice Chairman Shakir Ali, DMC East Chairman Moeed Anwer, Vice Chairman Abdul Rauf, DMC Korangi Chairman Nayyar Raza, Vice Chairman DMC South Mansoor Shaikh, Administrator of DMC West, Municipal Commissioner Hanif Muhammad Mirchiwala, Financial Advisor Khalid Mehmood and senior officers of KMC were also present on this occasion. Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar while giving a brief on the 100 Day Cleanliness Drive said we had announced to carry out cleanliness campaign in 21 union councils of Karachi and keeping view the available resources, our efforts and commitment our performance in 100 days should be get 100 out of 100 numbers. He said the provincial and federal government did not bother to support us in these works or provide us required resources. Mayor Karachi cited the cleanliness works along with road carpeting, fumigation and other works that have been performed during 100 days in district Central, East, South, Korangi, West and Malir by the municipal staff. He called all these works as a beginning to a continuous journey which he said will not stop till solving all problems of Karachi. Mayor Karachi on this occasion gave the details of contacts made with the Prime Minister, Chief Minister of Sindh and Minister for Local Government for providing funds and grant-in-aid for Karachi so these could be utilized in public welfare works. He said by stopping me from do all these works, they would only harm the interests of people of Karachi. “I will go to the last limit for our rights,” he said. Mayor Karachi said me and my team of elected people will continue performing works for betterment of the city even with present resources. No wrong works will be allowed to happen now in Karachi and we will restrict any such move. He said the people are with us, the well offs supporting us and our youth and students watching all this and they knew it very well what the game is being played with the city. Mayor Karachi said besides lifting the garbage backlog of last eight years, the departments were also being streamlined. He said we got everything destroyed when we assumed charge in municipal organizations, now we are making all possible efforts to correct them. He said if Government of Sindh was doing its duty, I would not have been addressing to this press conference. They were not doing any work nor do they want me to do anything, although you can only get real power by serving the people in right manner.  
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