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  City Concil Ijlass  
  The KMC City council passed a unanimous resolution presented by Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar that local council members be given powers at grass root level to strengthen the local government system as well as democratic system. In the resolution he said if the powers, resources and funds were not given than next elections be not held. The resolution was unanimously passed by all the council members also of the city council members of PPP at the city council session held at KMC old building here on Monday under the chairman ship of Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar. The second resolution was also presented by the Mayor Karachi referring to the petition filed in Supreme court to strengthen the local government system all over Pakistan. Mayor demanded in a unanimous resolution passed that article 140 (a) of the constitution be implemented in full letter and spirit. Mayor demanded through a unanimous resolution passed that Supreme court should pass a judgment immediately for the financial and political powers be given at grass root level. Mayor presented this petition filed in Supreme court number 24 /2017 under section 184/3 of supreme court. The council members demanded from Supreme court that judgement be passed immediately. Mayor said such petition was pending in SC. The Mayor Karachi addressing a unanimous resolution passed by the city council session apprised that 100 to 150 dog bite cases are reported daily in Karachi; this is a serious issue. Mayor there no rabies vaccine available and sought help from Sindh Government to provide vaccine. The KMC city council took a serious notice of stray dogs in the city. The council in the resolution said people are unable to walk in the city due to stray dogs and children are particularly the victim of these dangerous dogs. Mayor said dogs are increasing day by day in Karachi due to the heaps of garbage and debris as these dogs get food from these two kinds of dens garbage. Mayor said eagles in the city are also increasing and said Sindh Government should immediately take notice of stray dog’s menace. There was a danger to aircrafts due to eagles. Mayor he has got no resources and funds to fight the stray dogs menace. Referring to NFC award Mayor said Sindh Government should get its due share and had also said this issue at Federal government level. Mayor said Rs 162 billion development package was not enough and without taking into confidence to Sindh Government this package would be immaterial. He said with the support of Sindh government positive results would be achieved. Mayor addressing the city council said we have got no time and should shut down the differences and work for the development of Karachi. Referring to Bagh e ibn e Qasim Clifton Mayor said 6 crores were taken in the past yearly for this park but only on papers. Mayor said ruined park was restored to its original position. after great efforts. Mayor addressing the city council session said it is a reality that we do not have resources so that all the problems be resolved. Mayor Karachi stressed the committee members to hold their meetings regularly. Junaid Mukati of Jamate Islami said Karachi city pays Rs. 4000 billion taxes yearly and was deprived of basic civic facilities. Mukati said Karachi should be given Rs 500 billion package. The PTI Mejraj Shah Jilani council member addressing the city council asked Mayor that the petition filed in Supreme court for powers we are with him. The city council passed 23 resolutions unanimously and one of the important was as under. If the council members were given the similar powers like in the present local government system than next local government elections be not held: KMC City council on Monday passed a unanimous resolution presented by Mayor. The opposition members appreciated the gesture of Mayor for addressing the issues of Karachi after a long time.  






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