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  Revenue department meeting.  
  KMC Administrator Dr. Syed Saif ur Rehman said efforts must be done to fulfill the department revenue target for which we have to work for improvement and making it better. Heads of Revenue departments should work as tax collectors and their home work and information about their works also make the organization strong and they work in such an efficient way to get the things better for increase in the revenue. He was addressing to a meeting held in the KMC Head office regarding revenue departments which was attended by the senior director coordination Masood Alam, director technical S.M Shakaib and all heads of revenue departments and other concerned officers in the KMC Head Office on Friday. The meeting was informed about the culture ad sports departments functions and its responsibilities and the target of revenue is 9 Lacs which recovered 57 percent. Dr. Syed Saif ur Rehman said to officers to submit new proposals for increase in the revenue of KMC and work on their approval which did not make burden for KC and but department use the sports complex in such a way to get more and more revenue. He said expressed concern over the performance of revenue recovery departments and directed head of various departments and other concerned officers to bring improvement in their workings. Addressing to a meeting of revenue departments Dr. Saif-ur-Rehman said that every department must focus on achieving its revenue target so that financial condition could be made better. He said not satisfy with the performance of safari park and he said that clean the way to the Karachi zoo and around it. He said a copy be provided of the agreement of the Aladin Park and report of the activities in the park.  






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