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  Mayor Karachi inaugurate road and plant trees in district East.  
  Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar said inner city streets were in very bad condition since last ten years, CC flooring and carpeting works being carried out now, citizens have expectations with us, everyone knew what works we are doing for the development and progress of the city. Millions of tonnes of garbage lifted from various areas of Karachi, some people want cheap publicity by criticizing the elected local government leadership. Dumping garbage and waste on roads is a crime and the Government of Sindh has also issued orders in this connection, if some people want to dump their garbage on roads then the Sindh Government and police would deal with them.Following the orders of courts was mandatory, we followed these directives in past and still ready to implement these orders. He said this while inaugurating newly constructed road in union council 22 of Gulshan e Iqbal along with the chairman of dmc east Moeed Anwer, vice chairman Abdul Rauf Khan, works committee chairman Hasan Naqvi, chairamn of UC 22 Abdus Salam Khan, vice chairman M. Ghous, D.G Works, chief engineer and other officers. Mayor Karachi said the construction of this road was carried out with a cost of Rs2 crores from the annual development work. It was an old demand of the people of this area. He said the city was facing lot of problems regarding water and sewerage system and all of these have to be solved. seventy percent of infrastructure related problems of Karachi pertain to water and sewerage lines. He said we have requested the SindhGovernment that vacant vacancies in KMC be filled in with honest and adept officials, however the Governmnet has still not posted officers on these vacancies. mayor Karchi said the fire brigade of KMC was fulfilling its duty and it also sent the snorkel ladder to put off fire in the Matli city of interior Sindh. He said all complaints received in the mayor office were examined and reviewed regularly and if anyone lodge complaint agaisnt any officer or department then departmental action will be taken against it. After wards Mayor Karachi went to the Karsaz Road and planted saplings of Neem and other trees. He said 350 saplings planted today at the Karsaz Road and planting of a thousand trees would complete at the Karsaz and sir shah suleman road in next two days. he said tree plantation was essential for better environment and to eliminate air pollution.  
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