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  Mayor Karachi stress need of unity among the nation.  
  Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar said Quaid e Azam Muhammed Ali Jinnah gave the message of hope, courage and self confidence to the nation therefore we need to follow his sayings faith, unity and discipline. We can only get progress in our country if we show the unity, solidarity and harmony among us. Like developed nations we also have to forget all our differences and make one nation. He expressed these views in a program held in the Safari Park on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Quaid e Azam Muhamamed Ali Jinnah. A cake was also cut on this occasion and the family members of Quaid e Azam presented a model of the mazar e quaid to Mayor KarachiWasim Akhtar. Mayor Karachi gave file of the 120sq yds residential plot to Mr. Aslam Jinnah and Khursheed Begum the family members of Quaid e Azam on behalf of the local organization. The program was attended by the Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, ZAhid Mansoori, DMC East chairman Moeed Anwer, Iqbal Muqaddam, Arif Khan Advocate, Sabheen Ghori and others. Mayor Karachi also talked to the young students who participated in this program from other cities of the country and welcomed them. He said our youth are our valued asset and they must focus their education especially modern technology so we can compete with the nations of the world and go ahead in the journey of progress. He said we also have to forget our past and make this resolve that we would not repeat the mistakes made in the past but will learn from such experiences. He said we also have to play our role in the progress and development of our city. People in good number attended this program in which local artists performed and presented tribute to the founder of the country. Mayor Karachi said he will continue to work for better ment of the city we are one nation and we have great responsibility on our shoulders.  
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