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  Civil Service Academy delegation meeting with Mayor Karachi.  
  A delegation of 40th Course of the civil services academy Lahore comprising of participants called on Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar in his office in KMC building on Tuesday to discuss with him municipal affairs in Karachi and infrastructure development of the city. Mayor Karachi in the discussion said showing lesser population of Karachi in the census that had been held recently was wrong to not only to this country but this will also make the future decisions not proper and also put adverse affect on the CEPEC project in the country which is undergoing. The population of the Karachi is about three crores and people from all over the country come and work here and they come her e for their job s and also these are getting the facilities from this city also and the problems of the city are very large now and increasing and I have request the prime minster and the army chief and the judges ofs the Supreme Court of Pakistan to sit together for resolving the problem of Karachi just like they sitting for peace in the c ity they should also sitting for the problems of the city so that these problems can be solved./ He said Karachi is the biggest city of the country and we have the city responsibilities are and since many years and we are performing our duty to solve the problems of the citizens of Karachi. He said the powers are not on lower level and not want to transfer the powers to the lower level and the local system can be strong and make everything right and strong. Mayor Karachi said we require the administration officers which can difference the right and wrong things and not in anyone’s pressure. He said he had said to the Prime Minister to allocate the amount in the Prime Minister package for the upgrade of the city fire brigade system and to make this modern. This is the very important departments and we want to make this very effective department. He said the problems of the Karachi will be solved by the elect representatives of Karachi and we are working to solve the problems of the citizens. After that the head of the delegation Mirza Walid Baig give souvenir from the academy to the Mayor Karachi WasimAkhtar.  
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