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  Mayor Karachi stress need of preserving cultural heritage.  
  Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar said Architecture has key role in the preservation of culture and heritage. Unfortunately, over the past half century, our city has been unable to cope with the pace of development and no concerted efforts were made to capture the glory of the past. Much damage has already been done and now it is our duty to arrest the slide by facing responsibility to protect, restore and manage this heritage. He said this while speaking in a seminar held in a local hotel by the Institute of Architects Pakistan, Karachi Chapter on the subject of “Preservation of Karachi Heritage, Challenges & Opportunities”. Mayor Karachi appreciated the efforts of Arif Hassan and Hameed Haroon and thanked the participants of the seminar for joining them. He said it is heartening to see that efforts have now been initiated to rectify this lapse and the issue of heritage preservation is receiving the attention it deserves, for which we also need to address the challenge associated with it, considering the process of urban regeneration and economic development for sustaining these pieces of our history. He said the city of Karachi has a rich history of notables and their contribution to creating magnificent buildings and structures for public use. We now need to undertake a careful and thorough process to analyze, in order to allow for harmonization with the modern environment and we also have to establish a very committed and experienced group for restoration of our iconic heritage sites. Mayor Karachi said the state currently has limited resources to preserve our heritage therefore it is important that we look to develop new and innovative public private partnerships that can allow for the continued growth of our cultural heritage and restoration of culturally significant projects. He said on my part, I have initiated the process by creating a board of guardians to undertake this pressing and task to assist us with the works required for the uplift and r restoration of Frere Hall. He said this seminar will be a catalyst in the efforts of that passionate group of distinguished citizen’s ad the outcome of all our joint efforts will serve as a beacon for the lots to follow.  






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