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  Cleaning Campaign is in Second Phase.  
  Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar has said cleaning campaign is in second phase in 15 UCs of Karachi central and said none of the organizations are working in the city. City was worsening day by day and bad governance was prevailing. He said knife killer is nothing; we have eliminated several terrorists and if Sindh Government allows city wardens will help in the arrest of terrorists. He said city wardens works as an intelligence agent though they are not armed. Mayor said while examining Nala of New Karachi on Friday. He said that garbage is in Karachi since last years, Bahria Town was helping us to lift the garbage and is first phase 50,000 tons of garbage and it is backlog of garbage being lifted. Mayor said encroachments were also being removed from the city along with garbage. The tree plantation will also be done in near future. He said backlog of garbage was being lifted in District Karachi central with the help of Bahria Town and advised the citizens to throw the garbage in garbage bins; however citizens will also be provided bags for the garbage. The concerned departments will on their own lift the garbage. Mayor said when old garbage will be lifted than new garbage will be lifted. Lashing out at KWSB he said water is seen in the Hydrants, but not seen in schools and houses and people are seen waiting for tap water in long lines when the poor people will get water he asked . Mayor said those citizens who pay highest taxes are passing miserable and no one is aware that where are the NFC and PFC awards going. He said Bahria Town has donated Rs. 10 billion to resolve the problems of the city. Mayor said we fully support the operation in the city against the terrorists and we love peace in the city at all cost and said everyone knows that when there would be peace in Karachi country will prosper. Referring to the person causing injury to women can be held by city wardens as they are all the time on duty. Mayor said china cutting will never be allowed in the parks. He said with the cooperation of the people we will make again Karachi city clean. Mayor asked where money was allocated for the ongoing development projects being utilized, development projects are not seen. He said chairman Bahria Town Malik Riaz has chalked out a contingency plan to utilize Rs.10 billion and said according to Malik biggest issue of Karachi was sewerage lines at present Mayor was accompanied by Members National Assembly Shaikh Salahuddin, Abdul Wasim, Member Provincial Assembly Javed Ahmed, Chairman District Central Rehan Hasmi, Vice Chairman Shakir Ali, Chairman Park Committee Khurram Farhan, Chairman Recreation Hanif Surti, G.M. Services Commander Naeem Baig, Commander Bahria Town Zulfiqar Memon and Senior KMC officials.  






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