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  Sindh Government self reliance claim contrary to facts.Mayor Karachi  
  Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar said chief minister Sindh’s claim of self reliance with regard to provincial budget was contrary to facts as the total volume of Sindh Budget is around Rs1043billion in which the income from own resources is shown hardly Rs 200billion that is less than 20 percent of the budget whereas 80 percent of the budget comes from federal government. In a statement issued today, he said the development budget of government of Sindh is more than Rs 344billion which clearly shows that it was not possible to complete even development works with the Sindh budget and the chief minister Sindh’s claim of self reliance was against the facts. He said the government of Sindh had in the current fiscal year included 21 schemes in the budget in the name of mega projects out of which only 18 schemes could be under taken and they could only complete 3 schemes after spending around Rs10billion on it whereas 15 schemes were still uncompleted. The chief minister instead of giving answer to this questioned us that what we have done to Rs8billion, although we have executed work on 440 schemes of district ADP with only Rs4.25billion out o which 225 schemes had been completed in the current year. Likewise, he said we have completed 41 schemes of provincial ADP with Rs3.75billion and the difference is quite evident here. Mayor Karachi said all these schemes pertained to the tenure of administrators who were deputed in KMC and these were executed through contract system for which the chief minister Sindh or the minister for local government or those administrators can have a better answer. Mayor Karachi said the people in Sindh were quite sensible now and they can no more be made fool by such statements or figures presented in the budget. He said the whole Sindh province specially Karachi is in devasted condition and everyone can see this and still the chief minister claim self reliance in budget. He said the chief minister should face the ground reality and take such steps which could provide relief to people.  






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