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  SPARC delegation meeting with Metropolitan Commissioner.  
  Metropolitan commissioner Dr Syed Saif-ur-Rehman said ban imposed on smoking in kmc parks and departments and hospitals. Campaign should be started for awareness about use of cigarettes. Kmc will cooperate with all organization. KMC provide awareness on social matters. So that children can be stop from using cigarettes and smoking. He said this in a meeting with society for protection of the rights of the child (SPARC) in his office with meeting with incharge project sadia shakil media officer Kashif mirza and others. Chairperson medical and health committee naheed Fatima dr beerbal genani senior director medical and health service and other officers were present in this meeting held in the municipal commissioner kmc office. The delegation from their NGO said that their works for efforts for in this connection said that SPARC was made in 1992 in Islamabad and working in different city. Working with civil society and d for the healthy life style and for laws to stop children from smoking. Saadia shakil of SPARC said that the details of the project and to collect the data about the marketing of tambakoo with the cooperation. The Metropolitan commissioner Dr Saif ur Rehman said that the and appreciate the SPARC effort and said that KMC will work also to stop the children from smoking. He said that media works also important to save the children from cigarette smoking at open places and roundabouts and important location. Delegation inform that global youth tobacco survey presently 13.3 percent boys and 6.6 percent girls of the13 to 15 age use tambakoo and 160000 died due to the diseases of the tambakoo usage and from others smoking died 40000 every year. And also give the facts on the ordinance 2000 about the smoking ban. And said that ban on the sale of all tobacco to the people less than 18-year age  






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