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  Mayor Karachi inspect storm water drains-institute of kidney diseases.  
  : Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar said storm water drains can not be cleaned completely till the removal of all garbage in the city by the solid waste management board. This could lead to big problem in the coming rainy season. Hospitals in Karachi were in devasted condition due to wrong government policies due to which citizens were not having better health care facilities, well off persons should come forward for cooperation in this connection. He expressed these views while inspecting different uplift works in district central on Friday and on a visit of the Karachi Institute of Kidney Diseases. Mayor Karachi was accompanied by the deputy mayor Syed Arshad Hasan, chairman of works committee Hasan Naqvi, chairman of parks committee Khurram Farhan and chairman of Katchi abadies committee Saad bin Jaffar on this occasion. Mayor Karachi said that KMC doing cleaning of 40 major drains in the city, however the situation remains same due to non-lifting of all garbage and dumping of it in these drains again. He said the Solid waste management board must therefore remove all the garbage generated in the city so these drains could be kept cleaned completely. During his visit to institute of kidney diseases he said that the people of Karachi were not getting better health care facilities owing to wrong government policies in this regard and therefore we have asked the well offs to come forward and help improve the situation. This institute was established with the cooperation of city’s well offs where 75 patients received dialysis facility free of cost on daily basis and we want to increase the number of machines here for which we have already made an appeal to such people again. Mayor Karachi said that the roads were constructed in the city after correcting the water and sewerage pipe lines infrastructure to make these durable. Our efforts for betterment were on and will continue till the solution of all city problems.  






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