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List of O.P.D in Karachi

Anaesthesiology Biochemistry General Surgery Cardiology Chest Medicine & Critical Care Dermatology E.N.T Diabetes
Endocrinology Gastroenterology Geriatrics Gynaecology and Obstetrics Haematology Histopathology Infectious Disease Microbiology
Nephrology Neurology Oncology Opthalmology Paediatrics Physchiatry Radiology Rheumatology
Urology Cardiac Surgery Cardiothoracic Surgery Dentistry & Maxillofacial Surgery Neuro Surgery Orthopaedic Surgery Paeds Surgery Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Thoracic Surgery Vascular Surgery General Medicine Counseling Clinic Audiology General Physician Physiotherapy Sonologly



Anaesthesiology Contact No
Dr. Majida Karim (Karachi National Hospital)
Dr. Qayum Malik (Karachi National Hospital )
Dr. Shahab Alam (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Zia Akhter (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Zia Qazi (Remedial Centre)
Dr.Gauher Afshan (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Ghulam Murtaza (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Mueenullah Khan (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Muhammad Sirajuddin (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Muhammad Yasir (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Naveed Latif (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Nighat Abbas (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.S.M Nadeem (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Sabahat Tariq (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Syed Muhammad Nadeem Naqvi (Liaquat National Hospital)
Prof. Tasleem Alvi (Karachi National Hospital)
Prof. Dr. Sadiqa Aftab Jafri (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Mansoor Niazi (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Tehseen Iqbal (Mamji Hospital)


Biochemistry Contact No
 Dr.Junaid Mahmood Alam (Liaquat National Hospital)  


General Surgery Contact No
Dr. Abu Bakar (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Adnan Aziz (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Ahsan Siyal (Karachi National Hospital)
Dr. Amjad Siraj (Karachi National Hospital)
Dr. Aneela Malik (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Anila Malik (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Arif Okhai (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Arshad Ullah (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Aruna P. Dawani (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Bashir Shaikh (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Bashir Shaikh (Karachi National Hospital)
Dr. Bushra Waseem (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Farhat Jameel (Remedial Centre)
Dr. G. Asghar Channa (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Haris Rashid (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Haris Rashid Sheikh (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Imran Ahmed (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Imran Munir Memon (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Imran Shaukat (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Jai Maheshwari (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Jawed Ahmed Zakaria (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Khurram Raees (Remedial Centre)
Dr. M.Shamim Qureshi (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Maria Shabbir (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Mehmood Yousuf (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Muhammad Tufail (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Mustufa Shoaib (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Nadeem Khursheedi (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Nahid Sultan (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Nasir Zulfiqar (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Nawshad Pervez (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Nida Wahid (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Nusrat Anis (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Sadaf Siddique (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Sagheer Hussain (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Saif Ahmed (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Saleem Khan (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Saleem Khan (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Shahid Rasool (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Shahid Shamim (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Tanvir Raazi (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Turab Pishori (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Wajahat Wasti (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Zahid Mehmood (National Medical Centre)
Dr.Aamir Mustafa Jaffery (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Abdul Rehman Alvi (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Amir H.Shariff (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Aneela Mallik (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Asad Jamil Raja (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Faisal Siddiqi (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Hasnain Zafar (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Inam Pal (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Irfan Daudi (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.M.Nadeem Khurshaidi (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.M.Rizwan Khan (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.M.Shahrukh Effendi (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Nazia Riaz (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Rizwan Azami (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Rufina Soomro (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Salman Faridi (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Shaista Khan (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Tabish Chawla (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Turab Pishori (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Turab Pishori (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Zahid Habib (Liaquat National Hospital)
Prof. Abdul Aziz (National Medical Centre)
Prof. Amjad Siraj Memon (National Medical Centre)
Prof. Asad Ullah Khan (National Medical Centre)
Prof. Fareed A. Shah (National Medical Centre)
Prof. Maqsood Anwar Noorani (Karachi National Hospital)
Prof. Muhammad Shamim (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Prof. Shafiq-Ur-Rehman (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Prof. Zakiuddin Oonwala (Burhani Hospital)
Dr.Masoom Raza (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Farha Idris (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Khalid Saleem (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Furqan Ali (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Lubna Habib (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Bashir Ahmed (Mamji Hospital)


Cardiology Contact No
 Dr. Abdul Rasheed Khan (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Abdul Samad Achakzai (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Ahmed Salman (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Aman Ullah (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Anis Memon (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Faisal Hamon (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Hafeez Jaffari (Karachi National Hospital)
Dr. Ishtiaq Rasool (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Javed Ansari (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Kishore Kumar (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. M. Izhar Ul Hasan (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Mansoor Ahmed (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Mansoor Ahmed (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Mohsin Abbas Sheikh (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Nadeem Qamar (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Nawaz Lashari (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Nusrat Ali (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Raheel Hussain (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. S. Imran Ahmed (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Shafiq Ahmed (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Shoaib Yaqub Ali (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Syed Imran Ahmed (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Syed Zahid Jamal (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Tahir Sagheer (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Tahir Sagheer (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Tahir Saghir (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Tariq Ashraf (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Tariq Masood (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Zahid Ali Shaikh (Karachi National Hospital)
Dr. Zia Yaqoub (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Ziauddin Panhwar (National Medical Centre)
Dr.Aamir Hameed Khan (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Abdur Rasheed Khan (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Abu Bakar Shaikh (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Chander Bhan (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Faisal Ahmed (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Fariha Sadiq Ali (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Fateh Ali Tipoo Sultan (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Hafeez Ahmed (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Javed Majid Khan (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Khawar Abbas Kazmi (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Mehnaz Atiq (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Moin Khan (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Muhammad Attaullah Khan (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Muhammad Ishaq (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Muhammad Nasir Rehman (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Muhammad Sharif (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Najeeb Bashir (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Sadia Arshad (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Sajid Hamid Dhakam (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Saleem Akhter (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Zia Yaqoob (Liaquat National Hospital)
Prof Khan Shah Zaman (National Medical Centre)
Prof. M. Ishaq Khan (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Fawad Farooq (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Imran Hameed (Mamji Hospital)


Chest Medicine & Critical Care Contact No
Dr. Faizullah Lokhandwala (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Zaheer (Burhani Hospital)
Dr.Syed Ali Abbas (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Syed Ali Arsalan (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Zafar Ahmed (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr. S.Sarwat Hasan (Mamji Hospital)


Dermatology Contact No
 Dr. Abdul Rab Nishter (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Ayesha Anwer (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Ghazala Aziz (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Humaira Agha (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Khurram Shahid (National Medical Centre)
Dr. M. Sajjid Abbas (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Muhammad Aslam (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Najia Ashraf (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Obaid Ur Rehman (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Omparkash A. Halbani (National Medical Centre)
Dr. S. M. Khizar Zaidi (National Medical Centre)
Dr. S. M. Moin Uddin (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Saeed Mahar (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Sarwat Nasreen (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Seema Y.Zia (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Shah Saleem (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Shahid Kamal (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Sitwat Fareed (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Yousuf Khatri (National Medical Centre)
Dr.Azam-Jah-Samdani (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Ghazala Aziz (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Khizar Zaidi (Patel Hospital)
Dr.Nasima Kapadia (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Riffat Majid (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Saadia Tabassum (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Sadia Masood (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Sadia Tabassum (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Sarwat Nasreen(Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr.Shaheen Naveed (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Syed Hatim Ali Shah (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Syed Jafar Imam (Liaquat National Hospital)
Prof. Azam J. Samdani (National Medical Centre)
Prof. Jamal Ara (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Humaira Talat (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Fakhar Naseeb (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Asma Qureshi (Mamji Hospital)


E.N.T Contact No
Dr. Atif Hafeez Siddiqui (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Ausaf A. Khan (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Ausaf Ahmed (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Ayub Musani (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Fasih Ullah (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Fasiullah Mir (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Hassan Abid (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Ismail Hirani (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Kalim Ullah Thaheem (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Khalid Iqbal (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Khalid Mahida (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. M.Ali Tariq (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Montasir Junaid (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Muhammad Ayub (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Noor Ahmed Shaikh (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Rafiq Goda (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Sadiq Mian (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Saeed Akhter (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Shakil Aqil (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Shamim Ahmed (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Shamim Ahmed (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Syed Akbar Abbas (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Syed Akber Abbas (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Tanveer (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Zafar Mehmood (Patel Hospital)
Dr.Anwar Suhail (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Iftikhar Salahuddin (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Iqbal Hussaini Udaipurwala (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Jawed Alam (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Khalid Mahida(Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr.Moghira Iqbal Uddin Siddiqui (Agha Khan Hospital))
Dr.Mohd. Sohail Awan (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Mubasher Ikram (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Sadaf Zia (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Sadia Siddiqui (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Saeed Akbar (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Shabbir Akhtar (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Shakil Aqil (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Shamim Ahmed (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Syed Khalid Imam (Liaquat National Hospital)
Prof. Tariq Rafi (National Medical Centre)
Prof. Umar Farooque (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Atif Hafeez Siddiqui (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Ayub Musani (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Mohammad Ali Khan (Mamji Hospital)


Diabetes Contact No
Dr. Khurram Shahid (National Medical Centre)
Dr. M. Sajjid Abbas (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Muhammad Aslam (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Saeed Mahar (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Shahid Kamal (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Yousuf Khatri (National Medical Centre)
Dr.Ayesha Chandana (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Saeed Ahmed (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Syed Khalid Imam (Liaquat National Hospital)
Prof. Jamal Ara (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr. Saif Ul Haq (Mamji Hospital)
Dr.Asma Maqsood (Mamji Hospital)


Endocrinology Contact No
 Dr. Suneel Kumar (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr.Ayesha Chandna (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Saeed Ahmed Mahar (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Syed Jamal Raza (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Syed Khalid Imam (Liaquat National Hospital)


Gastroenterology Contact No
Dr. Arif Siddiqui (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Furqaan Ahmed (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Furqan Ahmed (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Mohammad Zaffar (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Naresh Kumar Seetlani (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Nasir Laiq (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Saad K. Naiz (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Saad Niaz (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Shahid Karim (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr.Abdullah Bin Khalid (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Amna Subhan Butt (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Ashfaq Ahmed (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Faisal Waseem Ismail (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Furqan Ahmed (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Iqbal Ahmed Memon (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Jamila Hanif Esmail (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Lubna Kamani (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Lubna Kamani (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Muhammad Mansoor-Ul-Haq (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Om Parkash (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Pervez Ashraf (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.S.M. Munir (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.S.M. Qamrul Arfin (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Saeed Sadiq Hamid (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Sajjad Jamil (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Shahab Abid (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Shahid Ahmed (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Shahid Karim (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Shahid Majid (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Shahid Rasool (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Sohail Thobani (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Syed Hasnain Ali Shah (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Syed Muhammad Zahid Azam (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Wasim Jafri (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Zaigham Abbas (Agha Khan Hospital)
Prof. S. M. Muneer (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Abdul Sattar (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Hamid Manzoor (Mamji Hospital)


Geriatrics Contact No
 Dr.Kamal Ahmed (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Muhammad Junaid Patel (Agha Khan Hospital)


Gynaecology and Obstetrics Contact No
Dr. Afia Ansar (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Aliya Bano (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Amna (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Ayesha Hussain (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Ayesha Nasir (Karachi National Hospital)
Dr. Aziza Kapadia (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Habiba Sharaf Ali (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Haris Rashid (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Huma Ahmed (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Huma Kissat (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Humaira Jamal (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Huriyah Mufeedi (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Irum Asghar (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Khalida Khanum (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Khalida Nasreen (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Khatija Javed Qazi (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Kulsoom Noor (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Mrs. Asif Zia Akhter (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Munnaza Akhtar (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Musarrat Zahoor (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Nabila Saifi (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Naseem Akram (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Nasim Asif (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Nasim Rashid (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Nasreen Majid (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Rafia Qureshi (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Rana Nizam Jamili (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Razia Korejo (Karachi National Hospital)
Dr. Riffat Jalil (Remedial Centre)
Dr. S. Azizuddin (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Sadiqua Jafarey (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Sadiqua N. Jaffery (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Salma Batool (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Samina Saleem (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Sarah Feroze (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Shaheen Iftikhar (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Shahida Abbas (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Shahida Nasreen (Burhani Hosiptal)
Dr. Shahnaz Bibi (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Sumbul Sohail (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Tasneem Sadiq (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Urooj Malik (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Zohra Samad (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Zubaida (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Zubaida Khatoon (Remedial Centre)
Dr.Aliya Begum Aziz (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Ayesha Malik (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Aziza Kapadia (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Azra Amerjee (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Farheen Yousuf (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Ghulam Zainab (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Haleema Hashmi (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Iffat Ahmed (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Jahan Ara Pal (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Kaniz Zehra Naqvi (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Khalida Khanum Naqvi (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Khusroo Sultana (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Lumaan Sheikh (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Munazza A. Khalid (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Nadeem Zuberi (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Nasreen Chaudhry (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Nida Najmi (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Nighat Ali Shah (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Parveen Irshad Uddin (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Qurat-Ul-Aman (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Rahat Qureshi (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Raheela Mohsin (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Rozilla Sadia Khan (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Rozina Sikander Sultan (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Rukhsana Mughal (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Salma Batool Naqvi (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Shagufta Tahir (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Shaheen Zafar (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Shahnaz Akber Hussaini(Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Shama Munim (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Shazia Masheer (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Tahira Yasmeen Naru (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Uzma Chisti (Agha Khan Hospital)
Prof. Khurshid Jehan Noorani (Karachi National Hospital)
Dr. Jehan Ara (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Asma Iqbal (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Ayesha Kamran (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Riffat Jaleel (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Fareeha Ubaid (Mamji Hospital)


Haematology Contact No
Dr. Naila Anjum Zahid (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Naila Raza (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Shahid Kamal (National Medical Centre)
Dr.Erum Mazhar Hussain (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Mohammad Khurshid (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Mohammad Usman Shaikh (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Salman Naseem Adil (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Syed Muhammad Irfan (Liaquat National Hospital)


Histopathology Contact No
Dr.Amna Khursheed (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Naveen Faridi (Liaquat National Hospital)


Infectious Disease Contact No
Dr.Farheen Ali (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Kiran Habib (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Naseem Iftikhar Salahuddin (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Sellal Ahmed (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Shobha Luxmi (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Syed Faisal Mahmood (Agha Khan Hospital)


Microbiology Contact No
Dr.Fatima Noman (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Khursheed Hashmi (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Naila Asif (Liaquat National Hospital)


Nephrology Contact No
Dr. Abdul Manan Junejo (Karachi National Hospital)
Dr. Ali Mohsin Raza (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Bilal Jameel (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Bilal Jamil (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Khurram Danial (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Kunwer Naveed Mukhtar (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Naila Asif (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Sumbul Mehmood (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Waqar Kazmi (Remedial Centre)
Dr.Absar Ali (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Arshad Ahmed (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Farzana Adnan (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Iffat Hameed Yazdani (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Kunwer Naveed Mukhtar (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.M.Abdul Mabood Khalil (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Naila Asif (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Sonia Yaqub (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Syed Ather Hussain (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Syed Mansoor Ahmed Shah (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Waqas Uddin Kashif (Agha Khan Hospital)
Prof. M. H. Osmani (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Ali Mohsin (Mamji Hospital)


Neurology Contact No
 Dr. Anwar Halipota (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Ashfaq A Sharif (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Darshan Lal (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Farah Minhas (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Farrukh Shohaib Khan (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Fouzia Siddiqui (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr. Khalid Sher (National Medical Centre)
Dr. M. Iqbal Afridi (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Mohan Lal (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Mubashira Hashmi (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Nadir Ali Syed (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Naila Shahbaz (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Naveeduddin Ahmed (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Syed Ahmed Asif (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr. Wasim Akhtar (Remedial Centre)
Dr.Abdul Malik (Patel Hospital)
Dr.Ayesha Kamal (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Aziz Sonawalla (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Azra Zafar (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Bhojo Asumal Khealani (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Farrukh Shoaib Khan (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Feroza Saleem Jessani (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Hazim Brohi (Patel Hospital)
Dr.Mohammad Wasay (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Mughis Sheerani (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Muhammad Shahid Mustafa (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Nabila Soomro (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Nadeem Ahmed Memon (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Nadir Ali Syed (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Naveed Uddin Ahmed (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Saad Shafqat (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Sara Khan (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Sarwar Jamil Siddiqui (Agha Khan Hospital)
Prof. Muhammad Abdullah (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Farooq Khan (Mamji Hospital)


Oncology Contact No
Dr. Ahmed Mateen (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Asghar H. Asghar (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Heeranand (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Shakeel Aman Ullah (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Shakeel Amanullah (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr.Adnan A.Jabbar (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Azmina Tajdin Vali Mohd. (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Ghulam Haider (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Munira Moosaje (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Nehal Masood (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Tayyaba Zehra Ansari (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Yasmin Abdul Rasheed (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr. Shakeel Amanullah (Mamji Hospital)


Opthalmology Contact No
Dr. Abdul Sami Memon (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Hassan Raza (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. S. Irshad Haider (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Sajid Ali Mirza (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Sami Ur Rehman (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Talib Shaikh (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Tehsin-Ur-Rehman (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr.Abdul Hameed Siddiqui (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Ahmed Burq Maqsood (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Atta-Ur-Rehman (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Azam Ali (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Imran Ghayoor (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Mahnaz Naveed Shah (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Muhammad Khalid Bhamba (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.P.Salim Maher (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Rashid Baig (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Sharmeen Akram (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Shoukat Ali Chhipa (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Tanveer A.Chaudhry (Agha Khan Hospital)
Prof. Akber H. Soomro (National Medical Centre)
Dr. J.Mohammad Ali (Mamji Hospital)


Paediatrics Contact No
Dr. Aijaz Ali Siyal (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Durre-Samin Akram (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr. Farah Agha (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Fareed Uddin (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Fehmida Nazeer (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Fouzia Qureshi (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr. Iqbal Memon (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Jai Parkash (National Medical Centre)
Dr. M. Irfan Sajid (National Medical Centre)
Dr. M. N. Lal (National Medical Centre)
Dr. M. Qamaruzzaman (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Muhammad Yaqub (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Mumtaz Lakhani (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Naheed Ali (Karachi National Hospital)
Dr. Naima Zamir (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Neel Kanth (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Prof. Ghaffar Billo (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Qamar Saeed (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Qurratul Ain Asghar (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Razia Latif (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Shabbir Hussain (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Shaista Ehsan (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Shakil Rizvi (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Shazia Jalil (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Tariq Alam (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Tayyaba Batool (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Waqar Ahmed (Remedial Centre)
Dr.Abdul Ghaffar Nagi (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Adina Rihab Sheikh (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Anila Haroon (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Arshalooz Jamila Rahman (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Farhana Aman Ullah (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Ghaffar Billoo (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Iqtidar A. Khan (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Jalal Akber (Patel Hospital)
Dr.Kashif Abbas (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Kehkashan (Patel Hospital)
Dr.Khadija Nuzhat (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Khalil Ahmed (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Kishwar Enam (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.M.Sohail Salat (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Manzoor Ali Arif (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Maqbool Qadir (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Mohsin Ahmed (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Naseer Uddin Mahmood (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Parveen Mufti (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Qamruddin Nizami (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Sajid Bashir Soofi (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Salahuddin A.Shaikh (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Shabina Arif (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Shakeel Ahmed (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Syed Asad Ali (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Syed Rehan Ali (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Zafar Mehdi (Patel Hospital)
Dr.Zeenat Islani (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Zehra Habib (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Zulfiqar A. Bhutta (Agha Khan Hospital)
Prof. Khursheed Anwar (National Medical Centre)
Prof. S. Jamal Raza (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Ahmer Hamid (Mamji Hospital)
Prof. Sultan Mustafa (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Hussain Hadi (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Touqeer Hussain (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Kashif Abbas (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Ashfaque Mala (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Qazi Mohammad Salman (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Shahab Athar (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Naima Zamir (Mamji Hospital)


Physchiatry Contact No
Dr. Abdul Qadir (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Abu Talib (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Asad Usman (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Asif Jan Mohd. (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Asim Noor (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Ayesha Khalil (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Imran Sadiq (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Iqtidar Taufiq (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Irfan Ahmed Khan (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Javed Arshad (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Khushi Ram (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Majid Abdul Jawad (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Mazahir (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Mehmood Jilani (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Moiz Ali Motiwala (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Muhammad Adil (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Nadeem Ahmed (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Nayyar-Ul-Islam (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Qammaruddin Siddiqui (Karachi National Hospital)
Dr. Riaz Ul Hasan (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Shakeel Ahmed Siddiqui (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Sobia Haqqi (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Sohail Ahmed (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Sohail Ashraf (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Syed Ali Wasif (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Umer Gahangir (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Uzma Ghori (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr.Ayesha Muquim Quraishy (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Haider Ali Naqvi (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Iqtedar Taufiq (Patel Hospital)
Dr.Iqtidar Taufiq (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Mohammad Hanif Mesiya (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Muhammad Naim Siddiqui (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Murad Moosa Khan (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Rashid Naseem (Patel Hospital)
Dr.Shakeel A Siddiqi (Patel Hospital)
Dr.Shazia Haroon (Patel Hospital)
Dr.Tania Nadeem (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Umer Gahangir(Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Prof. Aslam Arain (Karachi National Hospital)
Prof. Tahir Hussain (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Yasmeen Bhatty (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Fauzia Akmal (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Sohail Ahmed (Mamji Hospital)


Radiology Contact No
Dr. Salim Khemani (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Sikandar Rafique Quraishi (Karachi National Hospital)
Dr. Zahid Iqbal (Remedial Centre)


Rheumatology Contact No
 Dr.Amir Riaz (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Azra Arif Ali (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Hafiz Mehmood Riaz (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Maryam Khawari (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Saliha Ishaq (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Syed Mahfooz Alam (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Syed Mahfooz Alam (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Tahira Parveen (Liaquat National Hospital)


Urology Contact No
Dr. A Jabbar (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Adnan Muneer (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Ahmed Fawad (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Anis Hussain (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Atif Hassan Shaikh (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Ishrat Saleem (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Masood Shaikh (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Mehmood Yousuf (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Remesh Kumar (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Saeed Abidi (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Shahzad Ali (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Syed Imtiaz Ali (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Zafar Zaidi (National Medical Centre)
Dr.Abdul Jabbar Pirzada (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Amanullah Memon (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Aziz Abdullah (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Farhat Abbas (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Ishrat Saleem (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Jamsheer Talati (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Khurram Mutahir Siddiqui (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.M.Hammad Ather (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Nadeem Ullah Baig (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Nasir Sulaiman (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Nuzhat Farooqui (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Razi Uddin Biyabani (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr. Ayesha Saleem (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Amjad Noor (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Adnan Muneer (Mamji Hospital)


Cardiac Surgery Contact No
Dr. Akhtar Hussain (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Arshad Yousuf (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Aziz Jamal Naqvi (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Fazal E Rabi (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Mudaser Iqbal Dar (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Muhammad Mushraf (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Nadeem A. Fahmi (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Tariq Azam Siddiqui (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Tariq Sherani (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr.Syed Asad Ullah Hussain (Liaquat National Hospital)


Cardiothoracic Surgery Contact No
Dr. Aziz Jamal Naqvi (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr. M.Hasanat Sharif (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr. M.Muneer Aman Ullah (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr. Mudasir Iqbal Dar (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr. Rizwan Aziz Memon (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr. Saulat Fatimi (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr. Shafqat Hassan (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Shahid A.Sami (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr. Sharf Uddin Shahab Uddin (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr. Syed Mahmood-Ul-Haq (Liaquat National Hospital)


Dentistry & Maxillofacial Surgery Contact No
Dr. Adil Mustafa (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Haroon Rashid (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Humaira Ansari (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Humayun (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Irfan Ali (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Kashif Raza Zaidi (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. M. Faheem Khiyani (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Mohammad Ali Quraishi (Karachi National Hospital)
Dr. Nasreen Amanat (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Naveed Rashid (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Noor-Ul-Wahab (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Noorul Wahab (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Saba (Dr.Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Shah Jehan Katpar (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Shan-Ul-Haq (Burhani Hospital)
Dr.Aisha Majid (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Amanullah Memon (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Attiya Shaikh (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Dinaz Ghandhi (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Fahad Umer (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Faisal Qayyum (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Farah Naz (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Farah Saeed (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Mansoor Ahmad (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Mohammad Farhan Raza Khan (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Mubassar Fida (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Munawar Rehman (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Robia Ghafoor (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Syed Mehmood Haider (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Syed Shah Faisal (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Syed Sheeraz Hussain (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Tauqir Ul Islam (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr. Daud Mirza (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Binish Khurram (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Hira Javed (Mamji Hospital)


Neuro Surgery Contact No
Dr. Abdul Naveed Khan (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Aftab Ahmed Qureshi (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Imran (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Junaid Ashraf (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Muzaffar (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. S.A.Siddiqui (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Salman Y. Sharif (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Shahid Ahmed (Remedial Centre)
Dr.Ahmed Ali Shah (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Ahmed Irfan (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Ehsan Bari (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Gohar Javed (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Imran (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Junaid Ashraf (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.M. Amir Saghir (Patel Hospital)
Dr.M. Imran (Patel Hospital)
Dr.M.Shahzad Shamim (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Muhammad Aamir Saghir (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Rashid Jooma (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Salman Yousuf Sharif (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Syed Ather Enam (Agha Khan Hospital)
Prof. Aftab Quraishi (Karachi National Hospital)
Prof. I. H. Bhatti (National Medical Centre)
Dr. M.Muzaffar Uddin (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Ghazanfar Tahir (Mamji Hospital)


Orthopaedic Surgery Contact No
Dr. Amin Chinnoy (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Arshad Jameel (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Arshad Qammar Siddiqui (Karachi National Hospital)
Dr. Imran Javed (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Imran Jawed (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Imtiaz Hashmi (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Intekhab Taufiq (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Ittat Hussain (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Jah Mirza (Patel Hospital)
Dr. M. Arshad Khan (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Mahmood Askari (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Manzoor Memon (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Maratib Ali (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Mohsin-E-Azam (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Mujahid Humail (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Nadeem Baloch (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Nizam Uddin Jamili (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Sabih Nasar (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Shabbir Hussain (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Sohail Rafi (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Suleman A. Khan (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Syed Shahid Noor (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Yasir Mustafa (Patel Hospital)
Dr.Haroon-Ur-Rashid (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Intikhab Taufiq (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Masood Umer (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Pervaiz Hashmi (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Riaz Hussain Lakdawala (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Syed Shahid Noor (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Tashfeen Ahmad (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Zaki Idrees (Liaquat National Hospital)
Prof. Rehman Baig (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Farooq Mamji (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Adeel Ahmed (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Nusrat Rasheed (Mamji Hospital)


Paeds Surgery Contact No
Dr. Arif Mateen Khan (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr. Muhammad Arshad (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr. Muhammad Arshad (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr. Nasir Saleem Saddal (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Saqib Hamid Qazi (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr. Shabbir Hussain (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr. Shabbir Hussain (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr. Shabbir Hussain (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Wajeeh Uddin (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Wajeeh Uddin (Patel Hospital)
Dr. Zafar Nazir (Agha Khan Hospital)
Prof. Abdul Aziz (National Medical Centre)


Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Contact No
Dr. Muhammad Tahir Sheikh (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Shafat Ullah (Remedial Centre)
Dr. Shahab Ather (Burhani Hospital)
Dr. Tahir Shaikh (Memon Medical Institute)
Dr. Tahir Shaikh (National Medical Centre)
Dr.Fazal Ur Rehman (Patel Hospital)
Dr.Mabroor Ahmed Bhatty (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Mazhar Nizam (Patel Hospital)
Dr.Mirza Shehab Afzal Beg (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Mohammad Fazlur Rahman (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Mohammad Shahab Ghani (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Moiz Sadiq (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Syed Yawar Mehdi (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Tahir Shafi Khan (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr. Nasir Uddin Khan (Mamji Hospital)


Thoracic Surgery Contact No
Dr. Mehmood Ul Haq (National Medical Centre)
Dr. Syed Mehmood-Ul-Haq (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr.Ali Raza (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr. Humayun Sarwat (Mamji Hospital)


Vascular Surgery Contact No
 Dr. Kamal M. Yousuf (Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
Dr. Kamal Yousuf (National Medical Centre)
Dr.Iram Naz (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Kamal Muhammad Yousuf (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Zia-Ur-Rehman (Agha Khan Hospital)
Dr.Ziad Sophie (Agha Khan Hospital)


General Medicine Contact No
Dr.Abdul Mannan (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Ather Hussain (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Mashoor Alam Shah (Liaquat National Hospital)
Dr.Samina Ghaznavi (Liaquat National Hospital)


Counseling Clinic Contact No
Dr.Sadia Hamid (Liaquat National Hospital)  


Audiology Contact No
Dr. Mehmood Ahmed (Mamji Hospital)  


General Physician Contact No
Dr. Shaheen Bhatti (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Haris Alvi (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Nadeem Asad (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Syed Tehseen Akhter (Mamji Hospital)


Physiotherapy Contact No
Dr. Ashfaque Shaikh (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Mazahir Shaikh (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Kanwal (Mamji Hospital)


Sonologly Contact No
Dr. Syeda Ayesha (Mamji Hospital)
Dr. Abdul Sattar (Mamji Hospital




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