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Wireless Video Security Surveillance Network

(Command and Control Room)

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation launched Wireless Hybrid Video Security Surveillance Project in January 2008 and moved with great speed to complete the first phase in June 2008. The whole project took only six months to complete with all International standards

Wireless Video Security Surveillance project is unique and this is the first of its kind in Pakistan.

The  wireless network coverage area is  80 Sq. Km, with  fiber optic back up, mainly 140 cameras are covering two main arteries  of City  known as Corridor I signal free Corridor (Site Habib Bank to Karsaz bridge Shahra Faisal) and Corridor II signal free corridor ( Nagan Chorangi to Drigh Road Bridge Shara Faisal )





The Broader objective of the Projects:

          Improve the physical security of Citizen through video security cameras.

          Monitor the traffic flow and clear congestion on the roads and introduce the traffic management system through world best available technology.

          Guard the KMC infrastructure such as flyovers, under passes and bridges.

          Keep the general crime under control.

          Mobile KMC work force effectively to resolve the civil work issue and speed up its civil work in order to complete and delivered the project on time.

             Closely coordinate and work with Traffic police along with Sind crime Police in command and control center in order to response to law & order situation effectively.

             In Phase 2 of this project we will install LPR (License Plate Recognition) Biometric Face Recognition and RFID; it will be very easy to identify movements on streets of individuals, cars and other type of transit measure. Also it will be difficult for anyone to evade the law enforcement.


Network Structure

Network is made up off following main components:


   140 Cameras

   Wireless WiMAX Technology.

   Licensed Frequency

   130 TB Video Storage for Solutions for up to one month recording

   Network Operation Center( NOC )

   Command and Control Center

   120 Employees

   24 × 7 × 365 monitoring by the surveillance staff and concerned authorities.



This entire project was inspired by the fact that it is the need of the time. Technology if properly implemented can very effectively give results which would have been impossible to accomplish. The KMC has always believed in this method of delivery where a proper system is placed so that the continuity is guaranteed and professionals are bought in to do things effectively. This project will eventually provide so much security, information and safety to citizens of Karachi that it will not only bring down crime rate but improve the overall delivery and performance of Public officials. We believe that this projects growth is unlimited and a pillar in any city’s environment given the current condition of the world.



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